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Traditional Scottish Oatcakes

October 12, 2012 – 2:20 pm |
scottish oatcakes

Oatcakes are an incredibly nourishing and filling food.
Have them as a snack on their own, with lush pastured, organic butter and cheese or cucumber sticks, or with liver pate and sauerkraut for a satisfying ploughman’s …

Sourdough Spinach & Feta Pastries

July 2, 2011 – 3:44 pm |
spinach and feta pastries

Not sure whether it’s because of my Mediterranean origins, but I find spinach & feta an incredible combination that always tastes delicious – no matter what the other ingredients.
This particular recipe (and the dough that …

Beet Kvass

June 25, 2011 – 8:14 pm |
beet kvass

Beet Kvass is a wonderful health tonic that is supposed to have originated from the Ukraine.
Beets have been shown in several studies to have a very high antioxidant content, which, unfortunately, deteriorates quickly with cooking …


January 16, 2011 – 6:48 pm |

Sauerkraut, or fermented cabbage, has been prized for its delicious taste and health giving qualities since the Roman times in the 3rd century BC.
Making your own sauerkraut is fun and very easy to master at …

Sauerkraut, A Natural Probiotic

January 15, 2011 – 6:41 pm |

Sauerkraut, or fermented cabbage, has been prized for its delicious taste and health giving qualities since the Roman times in the 3rd century BC.
The advantages of lacto-fermentation for vegetables go well beyond those of preservation …

Yoghurt Dough

December 13, 2010 – 3:28 pm |
yoghurt dough

Traditional methods for preparing grains and flours always involve either fermentation or sprouting.
These processes allow the enzyme phytase to become activated.
In this recipe, courtesy of Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions, the flour is soaked overnight with …

Fermented Carrots

December 12, 2010 – 12:07 pm |
grated carrots

This is one of the quickest fermentation recipes I use. If you have a food processor with a grating blade it takes less than 5 minutes to make from start to finish.
My 3-year-old daughter loves …

Crispy Almonds Also Known As Activated Almonds

December 9, 2010 – 4:11 pm |

This is the traditional recipe for crispy almonds from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions amazing book.
In case you’re wondering why on earth you’d go through the trouble of soaking then dehydrating nuts, it’s because raw nuts …

Home-Made Probiotic Cream Cheese

December 1, 2010 – 2:30 pm |
cream cheese

Cream cheese is simply cultured milk where the whey has been strained off.
In simple terms, if you strain a pot of yoghurt until no liquid (whey) drips off anymore, you’ve got cream cheese.
How easy is …

Sourdough Bread

November 25, 2010 – 4:23 pm |

Sourdough bread is delicious and one of the healthiest ways to eat whole grains.
The natural fermentation of the flour by wild yeast breaks down the phytic acid in the flour, making it more digestible and …