After completing the Unstoppable program I feel like Superman. My energy, productivity, health and resilience have greatly improved. The best part is that now I have the knowledge and tools to continue to perform at my best.Samuel Reynolds, Managing Director, Octopus Australia || UNSTOPPABLE LEADER PROGRAM

If you are ready to see your truth, heal past hurts and break through self-defeating cycles, you've found the right woman. I've done plenty of spruce up jobs with practitioners over many years but nothing has resulted in the transformation I have experienced from working with Alessandra. It's like there's some magic at play but I know it's not that. The depth where Alessandra works is like no other. The combination of an evidence based clinical approach combined with coaching plans that pay respect to body, mind and spirit is powerful. I know about my purpose now. Alessandra has helped me to face some really big problems like self-doubt, self-loathing, self-medicating and more. These things have melted away as she's helped me to pour the warmth of compassion, respect and love over myself. I feel these things more profoundly from others too. I guess that's the mirror I hold now.Brent Petherick, Ways of Working Coach, Telstra || UNSTOPPABLE LEADER PROGRAM

I am so impressed by the level of knowledge Alessandra has. Her holistic approach to health both physically and mentally, has seen amazing results for me in a very short space of time. I'm looking forward to my continued journey with her and witnessing even higher levels of focus, clarity and fitness. Highly recommended.Madonna Melrose, Grants Funding Director, Melrose International || DNA DISCOVERY PROGRAM

Alessandra's expertise and analysis is pivotal for anyone seeking to uncover or gain insight into a level of health and wellbeing that you may have not thought possible. Her insight and advice has helped fine tune my daily routine for vitality and disease prevention.Russell Boon, Managing Director, CAPACITY Building Emergency Management || DNA DISCOVERY PROGRAM

I've not only worked with Alessandra myself to keep me performing at my best and being the best I can be for clients, but I also recommend her to some of my own high flying clients who struggle to get the balance they need to stay healthy, happy and performing at the top of their game. This analytical and future focused approach to your health helps you get back in control of your life and career again. Should be mandatory for anyone in a senior leadership role. You owe it to your stakeholders and shareholders.Amanda Blesing, CEO, Women in Leadership || UNSTOPPABLE LEADER PROGRAM

Alessandra’s program was a revelation. I now understand far more than I did about what makes and keeps me healthy, what drains my energy and fogs my brain and what perks me up. Alessandra is a source of apparently unlimited knowledge as well as a calm, practical and warm presence which has made the learning I’ve done both fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. I am very happy to recommend the program to anyone who wants to live a better life.Fiona Robertson, Managing Principal, Robertson Consulting Services || DNA DISCOVERY PROGRAM

I am extremely thankful for all of Alessandra's guidance and advice over the past 12 months. The genetic approach to performance and wellbeing was really interesting and it helped me develop greater awareness of what behaviours best serve me.Mario Rehayem, CEO, Pepper Money Ltd. || UNSTOPPABLE LEADER PROGRAM

This has been an incredible journey and the best coaching I've ever had. While I was skeptical of the genetic approach at first, Alessandra has given me an exceptional toolkit for outstanding performance in years to come.Christopher Kirk, General Manager, Stone & Chalk Adelaide || UNSTOPPABLE TEAMS

I have recently finished a program with Alessandra that completely changed my life. I went in with complex gut issues, constant nausea and little energy - I came out a changed person. There is no doubt that you need to put the work in but I literally believe, Alessandra saved my life. I didn’t realise how sick I was until I emerged with the new me! I highly recommend her, thank you Alessandra.Anita Shepherd, Founder/Director, Assistants 4 You || UNSTOPPABLE LEADER PROGRAM

I've recently had the opportunity to work with Alessandra as part of her Strong Teams program and I have found the process useful, informative and pragmatic. Alessandra combines a high level of subject matter expertise around wellbeing and performance as well as very tangible strategies and tips to help executives perform at their best.Gemma Cosgriff, National Head of Partnerships, Stone & Chalk || UNSTOPPABLE TEAMS

I started working with Alessandra at the beginning of 2020 as I had heard she was a bit of a miracle worker when it came to sorting out some health issues. A few years of running at a frenetic pace was taking its toll on my health - in particular my gut health and my energy levels. I've always been fascinated with science and particularly genetics and was keen to see what my genetic profile said about me, and how I could work with someone to capitalise on my DNA. To say it was enlightening is an understatement. Working with Alessandra has helped me develop a science-based strategy to live a better life. Over the last 12 months my gut health has improved enormously, my energy levels have sky-rocketed and I've even managed to lose some of those pesky menopause kilos, despite doing loads of Covid-cooking!! If you're looking for personalised insights into how you can improve your health, wellbeing and energy, you should definitely talk to Alessandra.Mel Kettle, Communication Strategist || UNSTOPPABLE LEADER PROGRAM

My DNA Discovery session with Alessandra was eye-opening to say the least. Her expertise and knowledge is outstanding and she took the time to share insights from my report and help me understand some of the more technical aspects. I came away with a clear understanding of where my lifestyle improvement opportunities are, motivation to get started and ideas about what to do first. One of my mantras is 'don't fight physiology' and now I know how to do just that! Thank you Alessandra!Dr. Paige Williams, PhD || DNA DISCOVERY PROGRAM

Working with Alessandra has been an absolute pleasure. But make no mistake, her approach is heavily grounded in the science of genetics and she has tailored a wellbeing program for me that has been highly targeted and achieved results far beyond any other program I have experienced. For any executive looking to improve your physical wellbeing and energy, I cannot recommend Alessandra highly enough.Repa Patel, Director, Leading Mindfully Australia || UNSTOPPABLE LEADER PROGRAM

Alessandra is a big-hearted professional who walks the talk of peak performance. I've worked with Alessandra to ensure that I have a well-being strategy that is grounded in science, practical and sustainable. Across the year, I've lost weight, gained energy and a sense of control in a year that I knew would be challenging. As a result, I can show up and be the best version of myself for my clients. I have recommended her to so many other CEO's - working with Alessandra is a game-changer for the long haul.Belinda Brosnan, CEO, Belinda Brosnan International || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

This program has been a game changer for me - at the starting line I was burnt out and on a serious collision course for all sorts of health issues. I now know the detail of my physiology and have felt completely supported and inspired through every step of getting back my true high performing self. Alessandra is simply fantastic. She understands the demands of high tempo, high pressure jobs and knows the science to master it all.Michelle Price, CEO, AustCyber || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Alessandra was my coach and mentor during 2019 in what has been both life saving and life changing. Identifying my genetic make up was astonishing to understand how I should individually been managing my life. Her empathy, knowledge and passion are second to none. Her uniqueness is in her ability to explain and motivate as well as being an exceptional health practitioner. I could not recommend Alessandra highly enough, she has provided me with the tools in the form of my own unique blueprint to live my best life.Sandy McKinley, Owner, Acre Of Roses || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM

Alessandra provided me with so much more than advice. By getting to know me, my history and my patterns for thinking, she was able to position herself as a critical friend. She calls me on my habitual poor choices and genuinely supports me to make better ones. What I've enjoyed and benefited from most is that Alessandra isn't peddling a health plan or diet - she's invested in an entirely better life for her clients. I think that level of connection is rare. Thank you, Alessandra.Adam Voigt, Director, Adam Voigt Education Solutions || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

I started working with Alessandra at a time when professional and personal pressures started to affect my well being and productivity. Within 2 months on her leadership program my energy and resilience doubled and by the end of the program I felt fantastic. I highly recommend working with her if you're a high achiever looking to optimise your performance.Jason Basseal, Director, Loan Market || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Alessandra Edwards is an amazing, caring, energetic and empathetic performance expert; who cares deeply for your health and wellbeing. Alessandra puts you in the centre of all she does and works with you to the be the ‘best version of you’. Her scientific, evidence based holistic approach is transformational. My health, energy and fitness levels have improved exponentially. Alessandra provided me with all the information, tool kits and support to ensure my success. This enabled me to experience sustained weight loss, better manage my stress levels and bolster my resilience. Working with Alessandra has been the highest Investment return I have made!Sabine Taylor, Chief Risk Officer, TelstraSuper || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Working with Alessandra over the past 12 months has been life-changing. I have gained deep insights into how my genetics and biochemistry affect my energy and mental performance and more importantly, what changes to make in my diet and lifestyle to improve my wellbeing and resilience.Andrey Moskvitin, Cybersecurity Sales Engineer, McAfee || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

As well as considerable weight loss and increase in energy levels, my ability to manage high levels of stress and keep my head straight under pressure have increased dramatically since working with Alessandra. I now have a very good understanding of how my genetics interact with my lifestyle and the correlation between my actions and behaviours and my level of wellbeing.Thomas Preiss, Sales Performance Advisor, Challenger Inc. || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Alessandra came recommended to me, her reputation only grew in my eyes as we worked through a very thorough and professional program. I have already recommended Alessandra to some of my clients. And will continue too into the future.Dan Collins, Olympic Medallist, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Since working with Alessandra, I no longer search the internet for the greatest diet or supplement or hacks to prevent sickness. I know what to eat and when to eat for my own body, and my body has thanked me by shedding about 6 kg in the process. This is the longest period in my life without a cold and I’m over the moon. I feel fit, lean, confident, happy and most of all healthy. I was given a gratitude journal which has sat bare for a while. I opened it the other day and wrote the first words on the first page - “Alessandra Edwards.”Jodi Taylor, Solicitor, Solomon Tudehope Solicitors || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM

Working with Alessandra has been a beautiful and healing journey for me. Her expertise in the wellness and performance space has helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend her to any leaders who are looking to optimise their health and energy.Manish Kumar, Managing Director, Stratacache || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

As a result of working with Alessandra I have experienced noticeable improvements holistically. Increased energy and productivity, mental clarity and stability, and the ability to remain present in a variety of situations. My diet and fitness levels have also improved as a result of introducing sustainable good habits based on my genetic make-up. In addition, she’s simply a great person.Matt Lawrence, Director, Happy Spaces || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

I went to Alessandra looking for guidance on how to lose weight and feel energized, I could not have imagined the impact working with Alessandra would make to my life. Alessandra has walked beside me every step of the way on a transformational journey of mind, body and soul. I now know what my body needs to be at its best, I feel mentally strong and perhaps for the first time in my life I understand what ‘self-care’ is.Meg Bolam-Williams, CEO, Bolam Group || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Alessandra was meticulous in her approach to finding answers relevant to my personal objectives. No stone was left unturned and her endeavour and integrity were at all times unquestionable. The experience of working with Alessandra was overall a very positive one, and I came away with definite outcomes and many learnings that will benefit me for the future. After over a year of seeing many practitioners and specialists, Alessandra had the commitment and drive to find the answers that others couldn't. I highly recommend Alessandra to anyone who is extremely motivated to improve their personal health.Andrew Benedek, Senior Analyst Programmer, Kmart Australia || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Alessandra Edwards has become one of my ultimate health heroes. She has assisted my family with a recovery journey that has worked! Her knowledge and insight on genetics and wellness have given us the tools to live our best lives. We now have a blue print for our health that has given us the confidence to approach the best nutrition and life style choices for us. The added bonus is she cares and is genuinely with you 100% through the journey. I would highly recommend Alessandra as she was able to give my family the health that we struggled to find from others.Grainne Nixon, Co-Founder, Never The Black Tote || RECLAIM YOUR GUT HEALTH PROGRAM

When I started the program I was so over feeling sick and unwell. Alessandra’s wisdom, knowledge and support have been amazing and have enabled me to regain my health and wellbeing back so I can now go back to enjoying my life again.Debbie Tomsic, Chiropractic Assistant || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM

Working with Alessandra has made an amazing difference to my health and wellbeing and improved my ability to perform my role in the Health industry to the highest level. Alessandra has helped me understand my body’s response to stress through addressing genetic challenges with supplements, diet and exercise. I now wake up with energy that it is sustained throughout the day and for the first time in my career, I have work-life balance. Alessandra is an exceptional practitioner with outstanding knowledge in her field. I have no hesitation in recommending her to friends who are on a similar journey to my own. She has helped make my life worth living again. I owe her a great deal. Lyn Dean, Executive Director || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

I have been personally using Alessandra Edwards to assist me with my work performance and personal goals. She has changed the way I live in just a few short months. I was always tired, my sleeping patterns were all over the place and was only sleeping an average of 2 – 4 hours a night, lacking energy, and non-productive during most days. In just a few months Alessandra has turned this around by guiding me through her biological and genetics based approach. My energy level has increased 100%, I am no longer too tired to be a husband and a dad when I get home of an evening. I’ve lost 15 kgs in 6 months and am now getting a full night’s sleep. For those who think you’re stressed or tired because of your busy work and life schedules think again as the answer may be something completely different. Thanks to Alessandra I am now on my way to being the best performing version of myself!!! Domenic Del Duca, Customer Journey Manager, Volt || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

I've worked with Alessandra for the last 5 months and the results have been phenomenal. I have lost weight, lowered my cholesterol back to the normal range (my Doctor has stopped talking statins!) and my stress levels are down. My energy has gone through the roof. I'm no longer waking up tired and can focus all day. I don't need 2 coffees to get going. I'm now able to fall sleep quickly and sleep all night. My mental clarity has increased and I can focus for hours at a time. I'm able to switch off on the weekends and be present with my family. If you need to improve your output and produce more, put Alessandra on your team - it's worth it. Darren Fleming, CEO Executive Speaking || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Alessandra Edwards is the David Copperfield of the peak performance world. She is a magician! She creates magical concoctions based on your biology and genetics! Since starting her program I've smashed out more work in the last 48 hours than I did last week. I'm more focused, detailed with my work, more resilient, I feel joy again! Joanne-Peniston Bird, Sales Manager Events & Incentives, Crown Resorts || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

I can't stop recommending this woman! If you want to get your energy back, destroy all the things in your system that don't serve you and be the best performing version of yourself you can be, go to her now. Georgia Murch Thought Leader in Designing Organisational Feedback Cultures || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

For 15 years I've been searching for someone to mentor me in the domain of peak performance. With Alessandra my search is finally over. Not only is she across the latest science in genetic profiling, nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness, and how these lead to optimal performance ... she has deep expertise in perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle - mindset. As a practitioner she has a profound knowledge in her domain, is evidence based and produces extraordinary results with her clients. As a person she has deep integrity, a generous soul and when you scratch under the surface a bit, a wicked sense of humour. If you are up to big things, and need your vitality and performance to match, then work with Alessandra. Everything will get better. Peter Cook, CEO Thought Leaders Business School || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

After a journey 10+ years navigating mental health issues including major depression and social anxiety along with long periods of lethargy and brain fog Alessandra has literally turned my life around in a natural holistic way. Scott Duncan, YGAP Founding Member || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

I pack a lot into my week, and want to maximise my energy and my performance. Alessandra has helped me to do that. I am sleeping the best I have ever slept, my thinking is clear and focussed, and my energy levels are high. And on top of that, I am calm and having fun. Alessandra is a superstar! Her approach is comprehensive, and backed by sound knowledge of genetics and current thinking across wellness and health. I have recommended a number of my clients invest in a program with Alessandra because she gets the results my executive clients need. Corrinne Armour, Fearless Leadership-Speaker-Mentor, Co-Author 'Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders' || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Alessandra's grasp of the human body is incredible. If you want to work with a practitioner who combines a masterful knowledge of the scientific principles behind health and wellbeing, with a gift for empathic intuition about her client’s needs, both emotional and physical, then you can’t go beyond Alessandra. Since working with Alessandra, my experience of health, wellbeing and life has changed dramatically for the better. I am constantly surprised at her level of skill when interpreting my bio data. And the outcomes I’ve experienced as a result of implementing her recommendations - from a significant increase in my energy and motivation, to a stability in my mood - have honestly been phenomenal for me. I am truly thankful that I have the privilege of having her be a key support and mentor in my life. Trish Cook, Strategic Projects || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

I have not felt this good in years! My energy has returned, my skin looks great, and even my dental results have improved! I have much greater knowledge and understanding of my own health, and what I can do to best manage it. Can’t recommend Alessandra highly enough! Zoë Routh Leadership Speaker, Trainer And Adventurist, Author of COMPOSURE and MOMENTS || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Alessandra is disciplined, professional, and unafraid to make a difference in the lives of her clients. I like that Alessandra called out my shortcuts and poor performance, she also clapped and cheered for me when it was deserved. If you want to improve your health and your life, your potential and your achievements then I recommend working with Alessandra Edwards, she is Unstoppable. Robert Green, CEO, Timberlands || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

With the support of Alessandra I have moved from years of a very restricted and debilitating diet to feeling empowered and informed. With an improved level of health and vitality and an understanding of what real gut health is I can now function at a much higher level which has dramatically improved my output at an Executive level. I cannot thank Alessandra enough for the professional and personal support and guidance she has given me over the past 18 months. It has changed my life! Amanda Hennessy, Executive Officer, Leadership Great South || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

Thanks to Alessandra’s program I have been able to achieve and maintain really good levels of energy and I feel better than I have done in a long time. This is a great relief considering where my energy and moods where at when I started the program. This newfound wellbeing has enabled me to get back in control of my life and family and get back in the driving seat. Liz Johnston, Police Officer || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM

I met Alessandra when she was the guest speaker at my workplace in 2016. I was immediately stuck by her evidence-based approach and the science behind her program. She described many of my symptoms to a tee, and for the first time I doubted that the fog I was trying to function in was just the ageing process. I had often wondered if I should be tested for early onset dementia! I worked with Alessandra for over 6 months and my health and wellness improved dramatically. With that, so did my energy and self-motivation. The change was like compound interest, small at first but grew exponentially over time. I feel like I’m back to my old self now, motivated, enthusiastic and with a sharp focus. I barely recognise myself and actually look forward to going to the gym now! I will continue to build on what Alessandra has taught me and at 56 I’m not done yet. I still have a lot to offer and achieve and I’m excited about what the future holds. Victoria Wilson, Public Servant || UNSTOPPABLE PROGRAM

I have been thinking about all the symptoms I had 3 months ago, and how few I am now experiencing. Apart from the massive improvement in gut issues and brain fog, my allergies to pollen, dust and animal fur have all but disappeared. I am also tolerating heat really well, have not had a migraine since we started. My mental health seems so much stronger. Jennifer Erlandsen, Teacher || RECLAIM YOUR GUT HEALTH PROGRAM

The program has helped in a huge way. The panic and anxiety have gone, lightheadedness has improved, I have great energy, I can't believe I haven't had a migraine or tension headache since following the protocol. I now understand how foods affect my energy and moods. Friends and family have commented on how good I look. I don't look tired anymore. 6 months ago I was going downwards and didn't know how to get my self well. I wouldn't even be able to put in words how much Alessandra has helped me. It's been a really positive experience she's always been there to guide me all along the way. Ana Mioc, Homemaker || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM

Since being on Alessandra’s program my health and energy have increased dramatically. I have so much energy, my digestion is the best it’s been in years and I feel lighter and stronger physically and mentally. I have lost the extra weight and I’m now able to fit into trousers I hadn't worn in 5 years Katie Skorupa, Operations Manager || RECLAIM YOUR GUT HEALTH PROGRAM

My energy has improved massively – I don’t need an afternoon nap anymore and don’t feel I’m dragging myself through from crisis to crisis. I feel healthier because I don’t get the colds I used to get all winter. My friends have commented on my energy and that I look good. Penny Chadwick, Personal Trainer || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM

Alessandra & the program are amazing, and has seriously helped me so much on my health journey. Her experience and knowledge has helped me gain back my health and life! Absolute life changer! At the start of the program I was so tired, unmotivated, had chronic digestive issues, anxiety & day to day life was a struggle. I am so amazed that the genetic test can unlock all the answers. By simply changing the way I eat, exercising & taking the right supplements for me, I felt the best I've ever felt. My whole outlook on food and my overall health has changed for the better. I have a lot more energy, I feel relaxed, motivated & every day isn't a struggle anymore. I feel the program has provided me with life long knowledge & tools so I can continue this journey on my own. Emma Jeffery, Child Care Educator || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM

It has been amazing working with Alessandra to discover my gut profile plus the root cause of my health issues then to have her guide me through my recovery. Thank you for all your help for the past nine months. It really has been life changing! Caitlin O’Mahony, GP || RECLAIM YOUR GUT HEALTH PROGRAM

If you’re ready to make serious change and commit to transforming your health, then I couldn’t recommend Alessandra or the program more highly. Nicole Baird, Copywriter || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM

Following Alessandra’s protocol gave me results within two months...1 year later I was a new woman!!! Alessandra understands my work as a high level performing artist, which is not unlike the rigours of being an elite athlete, and has worked to support my journey during times of intense stress and physical performance needs. Her guidance in this regard has been an excellent teacher for me. Alessandra is an exceptional practitioner with outstanding knowledge in her field. I have no hesitation in recommending her to friends who are on a similar journey to my own. She has helped make my life worth living again. I owe her a great deal. Nadia Sunde, ABC Radio Presenter, Internationally awarded song writer and performer || RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM