About Alessandra



Alessandra is a Peak Performance Expert with over 10 years’ experience helping leaders maximise their energy so they can achieve more, even if they are genetically prone to have poor mental focus, energy fluctuations, or low motivation.

Alessandra has a background in clinical nutrition, integrative naturopathy and nutrigenomics, the science of how nutrition, exercise and mindset affect our genes.  She works with some of the most highly regarded integrative doctors in Australia and is a sought-after mentor and speaker for integrative practitioners.

Passionate about innovation in technology, genetics and health, she is always two steps ahead of the crowd by integrating the latest evidence-based research into the programs she develops for her clients.

By understanding your full genetic profile Alessandra can give you a blueprint for life. She can work out where your potential is, by stopping, slowing or speeding the expression of certain genes that are affecting your neurotransmitters and energy production through personalised nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle, and other biohacks that are going to make you sprint faster.

She lives in Melbourne with her husband, her two kids and her cats Molly and Milly. She loves good food, inspiring conversations and outdoor kickboxing.

In her spare time she is usually found pouring over peer-reviewed medical articles or watching re-runs of the 1960s TV series Bewitched with her eight-year old daughter.


► Mentor successful leaders and executives from energy breakdown and burn-out to pressure-proof breakthrough
► Workshops at Executive and Board Strategy Retreats for leaders to unlock physical and mental potential
► Transformation coaching through personalised executive nutritional planning based on genetic profiling
► Keynote speaker on how genetics can maximise peak performance