Necessary But Not Sufficient

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In 2017, 31 year old self-taught climber Alex Honnold stunned the professional climbing world by performing what later became known as the Impossible Climb: a free solo ascent of El …

How Do You Survive Hell Week? / Alessandra Edwards

How Do You Survive Hell Week?

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Last week I survived hell week. Not the truly tragic kind such as the recent events in New Zealand but the stressful kind nonetheless, where everyone in the household except …

Haters Gonna Hate / Alessandra Edwards

Haters Gonna Hate

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Haters gonna hate and demeaners gonna demean. The moment you truly choose to be a high performer and consistently select behaviours that sustain your wellbeing, fuel your vitality and enhance …

The Sobering Practice Of Otsukaresama / Alessandra Edwards

The Sobering Practice Of Otsukaresama

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Otsukaresama deshita is an expression that is pronounced frequently among Japanese colleagues throughout the work day. Its literal meaning is ‘thank you for becoming tired as a result of your …