Energise Your Leadership: The 2024 Energy-Saving Checklist

Energise Your Leadership: The 2024 Energy-Saving Checklist / Alessandra Edwards

Smart leaders know: your health and energy aren’t just perks; they’re your leadership lifeline. This year, I’m declaring war on energy vampires and productivity pitfalls.

I’m prioritising my energy as if it’s my most valuable company asset—because it is. And I’m not just talking about physical health; I’m talking about mental and emotional reserves, the kind that fuel smart decisions and creative strategies.

Here’s my pledge—a list of what I’m cutting out to safeguard my energy and enhance my leadership:

1. Saying Goodbye to Chronic Complainers

First on my list are the energy drainers, the ones who find a problem for every solution. I’m choosing to surround myself with positive influences, with people who see challenges as opportunities. No more lending an ear over coffee to the eternal pessimists.

Harvard Business Review confirms it: the negativity of chronic complainers can be contagious, sapping team spirit. No more absorbing others’ pessimism—it’s time to cultivate resilience and positive outlooks.

2. Selective Client Engagement

My focus will be on clients who share a thirst for meaningful change. This means aligning with those ready to embark on a journey of transformation and are keen to commit to a partnership that sparks mutual growth and innovation.

3. Reclaiming My Evenings: Adios Netflix

I’m trading passive entertainment for active engagement. Whether that’s preparing a healthy lunch, reading a book that expands my mind, playing a board game with loved ones or committing to my meditation practice, I’m choosing activities that replenish my energy and allow me to protect my bedtime.

4. Instant Replies? Gone. My Time, My Rules

I’m setting boundaries around when and how I respond to messages. No more answering emails and texts on the fly. By controlling my communication, I control my time and headspace. This also ensures that I can send a meaningful reply, rather than a reactive one.

5. Mental Reruns

We’ve all replayed conversations or situations in our minds, often with no benefit. I’m committing to being present and not dwelling on the past. This means letting go of what I can’t change and focusing on what I can.

6. Skipping Breakfast

I know from my DNA profile that breakfast is the most important meal of my day. It energises me, boosts my dopamine, and ensures I churn out exercise and work of very high quality until lunchtime. You might benefit from intermittent fasting on waking. It’s all highly individual.

7. A Cluttered Workspace

As the curtain closed on 2023, my home office looked more like a Costco warehouse than a high-performance hub. I spent part of the holidays decluttering, filing and recycling. The result? A sanctuary for calm, deliberate productivity. It’s a promise to myself: this year, I’m keeping my workspace—and by extension, my mind—clear and ready for action.

8. Project Anxiety

Worrying about the outcome of every project is a surefire way to drain energy. I’m choosing to trust the process, my team, and myself. This means doing our best work and then letting go, knowing that we’ve set the stage for success.

As leaders, our impact is directly proportional to our energy and vitality. By cutting out what saps our strength and focusing on what boosts it, we not only enhance our own lives but also set a powerful example for those we lead.

Join me in this energy revolution. Let’s make 2024 the year we lead not just with our minds, but with our vibrant energy.

I hope this has given you some food for thought. I genuinely would love to hear what energy vampires you’ve decided to slay this year.