Is Your Gut Stealing Your Mojo?

An army marches on its stomach

The French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte supposedly once said “An army marches on its stomach”, meaning that you canb’t win a war with an army of underfed, malnourished soldiers.
200 years on, while we may not have a literal army to lead to victory, most of us are fighting daily battles at home, work or even inside our heads.

Are you well equipped to win the war?

We have over 10 TRILLION bacteria in our gut forming what is now called the gut microbiome.
Just like Napoleon’s soldiers these bacteria help us win our daily battles by strengthening our immunity, creating energy and producing vitamins and neurotransmitters to make us feel strong, happy and brave.
My experience as a clinician with over 10 years helping people build their physical and mental resilience has taught me that if your digestion isn’t right, your daily skirmishes with every day stressors are just going to knock you back leaving you feeling old, tired and demotivated.
A hungry microbiome is a cranky one
Do you ever feel like:

– You’re regularly snapping at your spouse/ colleague/kids/dog/life (insert victim’s name here)
– Your energy fluctuates throughout the day
– Your stress resilience is declining at home or work
– Your mental focus is not as snazzy as it used to be
– You’re starting to feel and look your age

If you answered yes to any of the above, it is highly likely that your gut microbiome isn’t up to scratch. This will have a knock-on effect on your moods, energy, weight and mental sharpness.
Smoking, stress, alcohol, eating on the run, a high fat and meat diet, low carb diets, bagged supermarket salads, the oral contraceptive pill and tap water are just some of the daily habits that contribute to an underfed, malnourished gut microbiome.
Guess what?
When these guys are hungry they get cranky and make you feel:

– Tired
– Stressed
– Emotional
– Anxious

Oh and they can throw in hayfever, food intolerances and diabetes for good measure.
Lost your mojo? It may be in your poo.
If you regularly feel:

– Bloated
– Sluggish
– With mutant bowel movements (without too much info: you either ‘miss a day’, your toilet encounters are way too frequent, they feel like a heroic effort or just ‘not quite right’)

…you’re literally leaking your mojo, juiciness and vavavoom down the proverbial (toilet) drain.

How subpar digestion is robbing you of the life you were meant to live

A poor digestion is like trying to catch soup with a colander.
Regardless of how great your diet is, if you’re not absorbing nutrients because of a number of gut disturbing causes like:

– Inflammation
– Gut bacteria imbalance
– Parasites or worms (super common in Australia)
– Antacids medication
– Auto-immunity
– Nutrient deficiencies

…then I can guarantee you that right now you’re living at HALF your potential.
That’s a lot of wasted greatness right there.

What would you do with an extra 50% in energy???

Think of all the cool things you could contribute to this amazing planet of ours and the amazing experiences you could be having with a 50% boost in energy!

Life is short

Life IS short.
Life is TOO short to spend it living at half mast.
Find out the cause of your issue and fix it!
I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes of all time by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:
“When you learn your lessons, the pain goes away”.
Clearly, dear Elisabeth never had IBS.
My point?
When you REMOVE the cause of your gut issues, the PAIN GOES AWAY, your energy is restored, your mental health is strong and resilient and you look and feel amazing.
If you’re fed up with feeling bloated, in pain or with chronic poor digestion and would like to have more energy and vitality attend my next Reclaim Your Gut Health Workshop.
You will learn everything you need to know about resolving poor digestive issues and you will walk away with a clear, step by step plan on how to reclaim your health and vitality.