Harnessing The Power Of Genetics For Peak Performance & Productivity

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve your leadership and team-building capability, as well as navigating through life successfully and effortlessly.
Assessing our level of innate robustness and then compensating strategically for any shortcomings certainly sounds like good tactical thinking in the highly volatile and unpredictable world we live in.
Unfortunately, having an objective view of both our strengths and challenges is usually a process fraught with bias and judgement. The problem is we don’t know what we don’t know.
Fortunately, DNA profiling eliminates this guesswork, allowing you to benchmark your (and your team’s) ability to deal with stress, pressure and demands on productivity.
This powerful knowledge gives the forward-thinking leader a competitive and unfair advantage. At a time when increasing demands are leaving many executives burned out, disengaged and underperforming, this is the ultimate data-driven tool for elite performance in work and life.

How Alessandra Can Help You Take Your Leadership To The Next Level:

– Mentor successful leaders and executives from energy breakdown and burn-out to pressure-proof breakthrough
– Workshops at Board Strategy Retreats for executives to unlock physical and mental potential
– Transformation coaching through personalised executive nutritional planning based on genetic profiling
– Keynote speaker on how genetics can maximise peak performance