The Gifts That Keep On Giving – My Top 15 High Performance & Wellbeing Gifts

The Gifts That Keep On Giving - My Top 15 High Performance & Wellbeing Gifts / Alessandra Edwards

It comes to a point where the typical hamper or bottle of wine starts to feel dated, uninspiring and, when you really come down to it, unhealthy.

That’s why I love gifting my clients with things that will help boost their vitality and performance. Items that are natural, sustainable and guaranteed to have an impact on their wellbeing too. These are gifts that really do keep on giving.

So, if you’re struggling to find that perfect gift, here are my top 15 picks for high performance and wellbeing gifts sure to make anyone glad you were their Secret Santa. I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands mentioned:

  1. Bose Sleepbuds II: Give the gift of optimal sleep! It doesn’t matter who you are, after 2021 we all need as much sleep as we can possibly get. That’s why Sleepbuds II is the perfect gift to give. Bose has developed these Sleepbuds by utilising advanced sleep technology to help improve both the quality and quantity of sleep. Click here to help your special someone sleep away their worries with soothing sounds.
  2. The Royal Purple No Pressure Seat Cushion:This cushion will help heal your nearest and dearest’s COVID Butt syndrome – an issue in itself! Spending the year sitting at our desks or in front of the TV (hello lockdown flashbacks!) has meant that the pressure points in our behind have felt the strain. Using this cushion will help provide the much-needed comfort our tailbone needs. Click here to learn more about the No Pressure Seat Cushion.
  3. My DNA Discovery Program: (well I’m affiliated with this one but I truly know this to be a fantastic gift to give) There’s great power in taking the guesswork out of wellbeing and performance. That’s exactly what you get from my DNA Discovery program. It is genuinely setting someone up for their best life through providing invaluable information on one’s inner genetic makeup and the development of a personalised high-performance plan covering sleep, stress, diet and exercise. Think a life of vitality, energy, performance and success. This is a unique gift in a sense, that has been previously called “the best Christmas gift” some had ever received. Click here to contact me and learn more about gifting the DNA Discovery program this Christmas.
  4. Ullo U001 Wine Purifier with 4 Full Bottle Selective Sulphite Capture Filters: Many people who genuinely look forward to a glass of vino after a long day at the office, tend to get headaches as a result of the sulphite preservatives in wine. Ullo has created a stylish sulphite removal filter that also aerates the wine, to help solve this problem. Click here to buy the perfect gift for wine aficionados!
  5. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation: To optimise circadian rhythms as well as wake up bright and refreshed, Philips has developed the Wake-Up Alarm Clock that imitates a glorious sunrise. This is an alarm clock your lucky gift receiver will look forward to going off. The clock also comes with 4 brightness settings in case it is needed as a lamp and has speakers. Click here to give your special someone that perfect morning, every morning.
  6. Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell:If COVID has shown us anything, it’s that when it comes to sustaining exercise habits, a mini home gym is crucial. We’ve learnt that it’s a good idea to dedicate a mini space with some equipment so getting in a sweat session is exciting, motivating and easy to complete. I love the SelectTech kettlebell as it gives you the option to select 4kg to 20kg with a simple turn of a dial. Plus, it is a great size that fits pretty much anywhere. Click here to help build your dearest’s home gym and stay consistent with their exercise routine, no matter the situation!
  7. Joseph Joseph Compo 4 Food Waste Caddy:If you or the person you’re buying for is still using the council-provided benchtop compost bins, do yourself and them a favour and gift a Joseph Joseph compost bin. I have one and it completely removes all smells. It has transformed my kitchen. Click here to learn more and make helping the environment a lot easier.
  8. AeroGarden Harvest Elite – Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light: Have fresh basil and herbs on hand all year round with the Harvest Elite – Indoor Garden. I have one of these and it’s great. This gift is perfect for anyone, as it will save them a lot of hassle when mid-food prepping, they realise they’re out of mint! We’ve all felt that weight on our shoulders. Click here to learn more about this handy device and the Gourmet Herb Seed Kit it comes with.
  9. Sleepy Soak – Shower Steamers:Not all of us love baths and are shower people through and through. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get all the health benefits from a shower! Enter Sleepy Soak’s Shower Steamers. Made from essential oils and natural ingredients, these pads are easy to use and give all the rejuvenating benefits our body needs. Click here to learn more about the Shower Steamers and all the wonderful scents they come in. Sleepy Soak is a Melbourne-based start-up (I first met them at my local farmer’s market a couple of months ago) that also uses completely environmentally friendly packaging and creates zero-waste products.
  10. Knitted Weighted Blanket: Weighted blankets are the latest and greatest trend for good reason. This therapeutic blanket has been proven to relax the nervous system through pressure. The result? Providing welcomed relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia and many other conditions. The blanket weighs between 2 to 15kg and comes with a guide to find out which weight is right for you based on your body weight. Click here to support a local Melbourne business and give your special someone the gift of a never-ending, warm and secure hug!
  11. 90% Recycled Sand Free Towels: As we head into summer, towels become a wonderful present because we always need more when entering the beach season! Koala Beach Towels are made out of 90% recycled plastic bottles, quick-drying and sand repellent. Plus, they offer free shipping and free returns. With a range of stylish patterns, you’ll find the ideal style for your gift! Click here to view all the styles and support another Aussie-owned business.
  12. In2thewild Tiny Houses: After a year stuck inside our homes, a trip is a necessity! Help your favourite person get back out to nature and rediscover the joy of travel. With In2thewild, guests can book from a range of tiny houses that have tiny carbon footprints. These tiny houses are located all across Australia and have everything they need for an exciting getaway. From contemporary interiors to the most beautiful Australian landscapes, you really can’t go wrong with giving this gift of travel. Click here to learn more!
  13. Upcycled Luxury Planters:We’ve all heard how important air quality is to our entire health and wellbeing. One of the best ways to ensure we are breathing clean air is by increasing the number of indoor plants we have. These upcycled luxury planters make that task an easy one that even your fussiest interior stylist would appreciate. Plus, you’ll be doing something good for the planet as they are made in Australia from upcycled truck tyre inner tubes. Click here to learn more and pick from their range of sizes!
  14. Anjali Luxury Cork Yoga Mat:This is THE yoga mat. The best of the best. Not only is it 100% biodegradable and free of any chemicals, but it is comfortable yet sturdy (it’s 4.5mm thick) for even the most strenuous yoga sessions. Being made from all-natural materials means that it will never go mouldy, it will always stay clean and, best of all, it will not develop any undesired odours. Click here to learn more about the perfect yoga mat that is also sustainably harvested.
  15. Acupressure Mat:The beauty of this acupressure mat is that it can be used while sitting at the table or even stretching after an exercise session. It has 6,210 massage points that maintain pressure on your neck, shoulder and back. Acupressure mats have been found to ease headaches as well as neck pain, back pains, sciatica, stiff muscles and stress. Click here to learn more about the mats and help your special someone in more ways than one!

I hope this has helped you on your way to finishing your Christmas gift-giving list. Remember, there are so many fantastic options out there that can improve the recipient’s health and wellbeing.

Happy Sustainable Shopping!