What could you achieve today with an extra 30% in energy?

If you experienced a 30% boost in your energy levels today, would you:

– Check off most of your items on your to-do list?
– Attend a networking event that may lead to a bigger, better job?
– Be a better leader, partner or parent?

The biggest lie we’ve been fed is:

‘Fatigue is a normal part of ageing’.

Not only is this not true but it’s damaging, dangerous and disempowering.

It makes us feel like we might as well give up.

Fatigue could be masking unhealthy metabolic imbalances in your body that may worsen over time and lead to serious illness down the track.

It implies that fatigue is out of our control.

Association is not causation. Just because fatigue levels are higher in the over 50s population, it does not mean that this is a normal biological process.

People have a perception, promulgated by our culture, that ageing equals decline

says Dr. Jeanne Wei, Executive Director of Institute of Ageing at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Of course, our bodies change through the years. Certain genetic variants can make you more prone to faster ageing, more at risk of stress-induced degeneration and more likely to experience fatigue. The earlier you identify these nurture points, the quicker you can act and support them with the appropriate lifestyle changes.

In 95% of my clients, fatigue has metabolic, environmental or genetic causes that can be addressed and corrected fairly quickly and easily – leading to higher levels of productivity, vitality and fulfilment.

The average lifespan in Australia is 84.6 years for women and 80.4 years for men.

If you’re in your 40s or 50s, that’s a LOT of years to be living at half-mast.

Take action and start living fully again!

First and foremost, gain clarity on your current baseline. Blood tests are a good way to start assessing the level at which your body is operating at. Even mild deviations from the optimal range can have severe impact on the level of energy you experience.

From there, you can work with a biological and genetic performance expert to help you map out your personal best strategy.