The Women In Your Life Are Struggling

The amount of energy you have has a direct impact on the number of positive results you obtain.

I’ve just come back from a wonderful family holiday in Bali where I enjoyed quality pool time with my children, a blissful daily family yoga lesson and the legendary Balinese hospitality. I even impressed myself with my fastest 100 metre sprint ever, running away from a feisty baboon who thought he needed my mango more than me.

While I felt good going into the holiday, when I came back I was on fire. My productivity and focus have been phenomenal in the last week despite significant professional and personal commitments.

Doesn’t life feel joyful and fulfilling when we have unstoppable energy?

And doesn’t it feel overwhelming when we don’t?

For sure the last few years have been hard, but the true impact of the pandemic stress has not truly been felt since now. In fact, research from project management giant Asana has recently confirmed what we already felt; 77% of Australian and New Zealand workers are currently suffering from burnout – which is 6 percent above the global average.

And if stats from the last two years are anything to go by, we also know that that figure is likely to be much higher for women, who have been impacted at the deepest level.

Not a week goes by where I don’t share a conversation with a medical colleague about the level of burnout in Australian women. Many are feeling:

  • Physically and emotionally drained
  • Overwhelmed
  • Unable to meet constant demands

Many are turning to alcohol, overeating and other self-harming practices to cope.

It is time to help the women in our lives

It is a simple yet truthful statement – though somewhat stereotypical – that when the women in our lives thrive, so do the men.

It is precisely with this in mind that Dr Amy Silver and I have designed a one-day, restorative retreat for women who are in need to pause, restore and reconnect.

Please step in the arena with us to help us lift the women in our lives back to their rightful place of joyful thriving.